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Yoto Card: Spanish 0+

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Yoto says: The perfect way to introduce your little one (and you!) to learning Spanish.

Introduce your young child to Spanish through songs, speaking & rhymes with this uplifting and beautiful album. Babies and small children love music and rhythm – and they’re especially receptive to the sounds of language. Take advantage of their best time for absorbing language sounds and help make Spanish a natural part of life – with this fun and inspiring collection.

1. Debajo un botón / Underneath a button
2. Nos levantamos / Getting up
3. Caballito blanco / Little white horse
4. Vamos al parque / Let’s go to the park
5. La pájara pinta / The speckled bird
6. Este dedito / This little finger
7. ¿Dónde está mamá? / Where’s Mummy?
8. Debajo un botón (2) / Underneath a button (2)
9. El gato / The cat
10. Mi gatito / My little cat
11. Palmas palmitas / Clap clap clapping
12. Aire, agua y tierra / Air, water and land
13. ¿Dónde está papá? / Where’s Daddy?
14. El coquí / The coquí
15. La siesta / The siesta
16. Los pollitos / The little chicks
17. Después de la siesta / After the siesta
18. Este tren chiquito / This little train
19. El piano / The piano
20. En el bosque / In the wood
21. Por un reloj de latón / Hickory dickory dock
22. La lluvia / The rain
23. Sol solecito / Come out, little sun
24. Al olivo / The olive tree
25. ¡Qué sed! / I’m thirsty!
26. Pimpón / Pimpón
27. Las gallinas / The hens
28. Pito pito colorito / Hey little chirpy
29. Estrellita en el cielo / Twinkle twinkle little star
30. ¡Al baño! / Bathtime!
31. Hacemos así... / This is the way...
32. A dormir / Going to sleep
33. A la nanita nana / Lullaby lullaby

Running time: 36 min

Age range: 0-10 years

Parents stay in control. Download the Yoto App to get Yoto Player setup, manage content and remotely control the player.

NOTE: Although this Yoto Card is perfect for young children, children under 3 years old should only use Yoto Player or Yoto Mini under adult supervision.

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