Learning Tower - Minor Damage in Transit I The Montessori Room

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Learning Tower - Minor Damage in Transit

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These Learning Towers were damaged while in transit, resulting in a few minor scratches. They are fully functional and safe for children.

Product Description:

A Montessori wooden learning tower, also known as kitchen helper, is a great tool to allow your toddler to participate in cooking and cleaning. 

Our Learning Tower is made in Canada, incredibly sturdy, and sealed with a natural, food-safe oil for easy wiping.  

We encourage parents to consider a Canadian made Learning Tower, produced by professional carpenters. This is not a product you want to risk putting your toddler in, unless you're 100% confident of it's structural integrity! 

There are three height adjustments so it can grow with your child. Every edge has been rounded over and softened to be smooth to the touch and safe for your little ones.