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Jumbo Tweezers

These colourful, jumbo tweezers are perfectly sized for little hands and feature ergonomic depressions to help develop the pincer grasp. They are very popular among teachers, specialists and occupational therapists.


  • Sensory development: Great for children who are sensitive to tactile experiences. They can use tweezers to hold and move objects, rather than their hands.
  • Fine motor skills development: Helps to develop pincer grasp and fine motor skills associated with everyday tasks such as zipping, buttoning, holding a toothbrush and picking up finger foods.
  • Hand-eye coordination: Children focus on grasping, picking up and releasing objects using the tweezers. As this skill develops, children become better at other fine motor tasks such as handwriting, drawing and forming letters and numbers.

This set includes:

  • 12 Tweezers in 6 colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple)
  • Plastic storage container

Tweezers measure: 6'' Length

Age Recommendation: 3+