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3-Part Language Cards (Watercolour) (Multiple Themes Available)

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Beautiful and realistically illustrated language cards, printed on thick paperboard.  

Each set of three-part cards includes 12 images.  

Themes Available:

  • Birds - Ostrich, Owl, Cardinal, Pelican, Flamingo, Penguin, Duck, Puffin, Heron, Swift, Crane & Toucan 
  • Farm Animals - Dog, Horse, Cow, Llama, Donkey, Pig, Sheep, Goat, Rooster, Goose, Cat & Hen
  • Fish - Goldfish, Squirrelfish, Angelfish, Shark, Clownfish, Salmon, Whaleshark, Marlin, Tuna, Lionfish, Sturgeon & Grouper
  • Fruits - Apple, Banana, Coconut, Blueberries, Grapes, Kiwi, Lime, Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry & Watermelon 
  • Instruments - Trumpet, Tambourine, Violin, Harp, Clarinet, Piano, Drum Set, Saxaphone, Guitar, Flute, Maracas & Xylophone
  • Tools - Screwdriver, Rake, Hammer, Axe, Saw, Mop, Wrench, Pliers, Level, Pick, Measuring Tape & Shovel
  • Vegetables - Cauliflower, Asparagus, Broccoli, Lettuce, Carrot, Leek, Onion, Celery, Beetroot, Potato, Cabbage & Spinach 
  • Transportation - Car, Truck, Balloon, Taxi, School Bus, Sailboat, Airplane, Motorcycle, Helicopter, Train, Bicycle & Gondola Lift
  • Sea Mammals - Seal, Blue Whale, Porpoise, Walrus, Dolphin, Killer Whale, Sea Otter, Manatee, Sea Lion, Humpback Whale, Narwhal & Sperm Whale
  • Planets - The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, The Moon, Mars, The Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto
  • Bathroom - Sink, Towel, Toilet, Toothpaste, Soap, Toothbrush, Shampoo, Toilet Paper, Hair Brush, Bathtub, Mirror & Shower
  • Bedroom - Bed, Pillow, Bedside Table, Wardrobe, Blanket, Ball, Curtains, Window, Dresser, Alarm Clock, Lamp & Teddy Bear
  • Living Room - Bookshelf, Couch, Potted Plant, Armchair, Picture, Floor Lamp, Television, Coffee Table, Stereo, Fireplace, Rug & Outlet
  • Kitchen - Kettle, Refrigerator, Microwave, Dishwasher, Spatula, Toaster, Pot, Stove, Whisk, Ladle, Frying Pan & Mug
  • Clothes - Dress, Jacket, Hat, Shirt, Scarf, Belt, Skirt, Jeans, Apron, Socks, Shorts & Shoes

All images were originally hand-painted using watercolour paints, scanned, and printed in high resolution. 

Approximate card sizes are 5" x 4" (13cm x 10cm)

Recommended for ages 2+ 

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