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Need to get a little work done, finish the grocery list, or just want to sit and drink your coffee quietly for 20 minutes?

I have a quick and easy solution that sometimes does the trick when I need to get something done.

Pick one toy with lots of open-ended play possibilities (like our wooden Goki blocks or rainbow stacker) and set it up OUTSIDE the playroom.

Pick a random spot in your home - a totally unexpected place - like even the bathroom floor!

...then grab your coffee or get on a work call and watch the magic unfold.

The trouble with playrooms is that they can sometimes get a bit cluttered. Children can feel overwhelmed by all the choices and you might not always have the energy to properly organize it.

If you can manage, toy rotation works wonders to declutter a playroom and bring new life to old toys, as long as you have a little time to go through and rotate the toys every month or so.

**BONUS TIP** if you have the Way to Play road - put in the tub or shower.

We have a walk-in shower and I just make the floor and walls wet and let the kids play in there (naked) with the road and cars (FYI: the Way to Play road sticks to wet surfaces and it's totally waterproof).

Really, you can do this with any of your waterproof toys - Duplo, plastic animal figurines, etc.

You can even add shaving cream to the mix. This idea requires a little more supervision but it still allows for longer periods of independent play. A win for sure!

So go grab a toy, set it up on the kitchen table, and enjoy your hot drink while it's still hot :)