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Best Gift Ideas For Two Year Olds

Budget:  Under $30

Top Pick:  Monkey Around Board Game ($27.99)

Why did we choose this?

This is the perfect “first” board game for young children! It involves following simple instructions, movement and everyone's a winner. It is a springboard for future board game play and development of social skills, as it helps young children understand the concept of following directions and participating in turn taking. 

What are the benefits of Monkey Around?

  • Helps to develop gross motor skills
  • Helps to develop hand eye coordination
  • Helps to develop language skills - enriches vocabulary and invites conversation
  • Helps to develop social emotional skills
  • Encourages young children to follow directions and take turns

Honourable Mentions: 

Budget:  $30 - $50

Top Pick:Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Builders ($44.99)

Why did we choose this?

These Magnetic Foam Builders are one of our most popular toys. Designed by teachers, these lightweight foam blocks are an early introduction to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning. Each set includes 10 magnetic blocks and a small story about the Blockaroo kit. We love that you can take them in the bath - they float! - and that they’re dishwasher friendly.  

What are the benefits of the Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Builders?

  • Helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These jumbo blocks are light and easy for small hands to use.  
  • They develop the senses and are safe to be explored. The magnetic system is ultra secure and water friendly. The patented design ensures they always attract so they’ll last forever.     
  • Helps to develop spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills.
  • The best bath time toy

Honourable Mentions: 

Budget: $50 - $100

Top Pick:Jumbo Farm Animals ($59.99) 

Why did we choose this?

These Jumbo Farm Animals by Learning Resources are designed for hours of imaginative play. What sets these animal toys apart from the others isthe accurate depiction of size differences between the animals, i.e. the horse is much larger than the rooster. Comes with an activity guide with facts about each animals and early science discussion starters, as well as FREE Nomenclature Cards for language and matching activities. 

What are the benefits of the Jumbo Farm Animals?

  • Promote the development of language skills and enrich vocabulary
  • Invitation for pretend play 
  • Moving the animals around during play helps to develop fine motor skills and gross motor skills
  • A perfect toy for independent play 

Honourable Mentions:

Budget: $100 - $200

Top Pick:Kinderfeets Junior Balance Board ($129.99)

Why did we choose this?

Balance boards are some of our best-sellingLarge Active Toys. This junior balance board is a great tool to help young children develop coordination, balance, and confidence. It can also be used as an open-ended toy and develop the imagination; use the board as a car ramp, doll cradle, slide, bridge or mini fort. Plus, no assembly required! 

What are the benefits of the Junior Balance Board?

  • Helps to develop and strengthen gross motor skills
  • Increases spatial awareness
  • Teaches balance and coordination and provides the child with an opportunity to practice in the comfort of their own home. Balancing toys at playgrounds can often be too high or busy. 
  • Promotes proprioception
  • Encourages open-ended play

Honourable Mentions:

Budget: $200 +

Top Pick:Learning Tower ($369.99 and includes FREE Toddler Knife) 

Why did we choose this?

The Learning Tower is not to be overlooked as the perfect gift for a 2 year old. Families who have bought one say it quickly becomes the most used item in the home. Our Canadian-made Learning Tower brings a child up to the height of the counter so they are able to observe and participate in household tasks alongside their parents. The three height adjustments allow you to use this Learning Tower for years to come. And it doesn’t take up much space with a footprint of 16” x 18.5”. This is a must-have for any family who likes to cook and clean together. 

What are the benefits of the Learning Tower? 

  • Allows young children to participate in kitchen activities much earlier than they'd otherwise be able to
  • It is extremely durable and can hold up to 250lbs
  • Sealed with a 100% food grade oil that makes it non-toxic and easy to clean
  • Getting children involved in food preparation builds confidence and independence
  • Brings children up to the counter so they can wash their hands, help with baking, wash dishes, etc.  

Honourable Mentions: