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Infant Montessori Box

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This Infant Montessori Box is ideal for parents who want to introduce Montessori into the home from day 1. The items in this box are compiled by a certified Montessori teacher. 

Each piece is designed to support a child's development from 0-1+.

This box includes:

  1. A Munari Mobile is the perfect mobile from birth to 3 months to stimulate a baby's developing vision. It helps to strengthen eye muscles and enhance a baby's focus and concentration.

  2. Our Accordion Tummy Time Cards are self-standing and are perfect for stimulating a baby's developing vision and language comprehension from birth to 6 months.

  3. A Gobbi Mobile is the perfect mobile from 3 months. It has 5 green spheres in graduated shades to stimulate the visual sense and introduce colour gradation.

  4. Our wooden rattle with ball is great for teaching cause and effect, as the infant between 4-8 months learns to grasp and shake the rattle to hear the noise it makes. 

  5. Egg Maracas help to improve fine motor skills and the concept of cause and effect between 8-12 months. Baby shakes them and they makes a noise.

  6. The push frog is a great early developmental toy for babies between 8-12 months old. It encourages movement and helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Let your baby play with this small push toy during tummy time. 

  7. The Fine Motor Set can be used from 8 to 18 months to develop the pincer grasp. Begin with the ball and cup, then introduce the egg and cup, and, finally, the most challenging, peg and cup.

  8. The ring stacker is introduced to develop fine motor skills and focus around 8 months old, as babies learn to place the rings onto the dowel. As the baby gets older, around 12-18 months, the concept of sequence and size can be introduced.

Each box comes with instructions from a MACTE-certified Montessori teacher on the purpose of each piece and how to introduce it to your child.