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Dice of Fury

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Practice math and numeracy in the fun family board game.

Everyone plays at once in this furiously fast dice game. A different challenge in each round keeps all players thinking fast.


  1. Flip a challenge card and start rolling (and re-rolling!) racing to get the right combos to fill your dice holder.
  2. Finished first? Hurry to grab the Furious Jumbo Die in the center of the game to win the round.
  3. First player to win 10 rounds wins the game.

Features 2 levels of difficulty, making it easy to play with people of multiple ages and skills.

Perfect for family game night and kids parties.

For 2-4 players

Recommended Age: 7+ years


  • 24 dice
  • 80 challenge cards
  • 4 dice holders
  • 1 Furious Jumbo Die

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