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Sensory Bin Sale

Winter is the perfect time for sensory bins!

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With colder weather coming, children begin looking for ways to replicate the sensorial exploration they get all summer long - in the water, in the sand, digging in the dirt, and going bare feet. 

Sensory bins allow children explore with multiple senses:

  • Feeling and manipulating the medium (kinetic sand, water, dried rice, etc)
  • Hear the medium as it's transferred, poured, and moved about (i.e. the clinking sound of dried rice hitting a bowl)
  • Seeing the colours mix together and finding the hidden treasures
  • Smelling the different components

Our sensory bin sale is a great way to introduce sensory activities at home.  

For theme ideas, check out our sensory bin guide.

Go here to view all the items on sale in our sensory bin sale, including our best-selling Sensory Bin Table: https://themontessoriroom.com/collections/sensory-bin-sale