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Mini Playsilks by Sarah's Silks

In Stock At Our Store In Toronto (2229 Danforth Ave.)

Sky Blue

These beautiful, mini playsilks are perfect for little hands at 21" x 21". 

They are all dyed with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and have been safety tested for children ages 3+. 

Need some inspiration? Here are some ways we see little ones playing with them:

  • As doll house rugs and blankets
  • Peek-a-boo
  • The blue one as water to sail a boat on
  • In a pot to stir as soup
  • Dancing and waving around to music
  • Tie a pouch or hairband
  • As a tablecloth
  • Wrap a little present

Don't be afraid to get the silk wet. Take it to the water, blow bubbles around it and enjoy the rich sensory experience of wet silk. 

Care instructions: Hand-wash with a mild shampoo or dish soap in warm water. Hang dry and iron on medium to restore shine.

Dimensions: 21"x21"

Recommended Age: 3+

Each playsilk is sold separately.

Handwash/Hang to dry.

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Sarah's Silks is devoted to sustainability and ethics, utilizing natural materials, minimizing their ecological footprint and supporting communities. They make sure everything they do contributes to improving working conditions in communities, both locally and abroad, and the environment. Silk is a naturally biodegradable fiber and when treated with nontoxic dyes, it can go on to provide nutrition for soil instead of landing in a trashcan. Sarah's Silks are free from harmful chemicals, including toxins and irritants, and are 100% safe and healthy, even for babies. Sarah's Silks uses minimal environmentally friendly packaging.

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