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Toddler Balance Beam

Balance Beams offer a fun way to help children develop core strength, balance, coordination, and concentration.

They are also longer than other balance beams available but not too high so they're great for toddlers and young children children. 

Easy to store and quick to assemble, you can make any design you want, straight, zig zag, or pentagon.

This set includes 6 balance beams segments and 6 connectors (4 double and 2 single).

Maximum weight capacity: 120 pounds.

Note that the balance beam must be used on a hard surface to keep the connectors securely connected.

Made of Purebond Maple Plywood with soy based adhesive, these balance beams are completely formaldehyde free and more durable than most on the market. 

Balance beams: 29.5” long
Connectors (6 double studded, 1 single studded): 2.25" long

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