Toddler Kitchen Set

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We put together a beautiful set for your little kitchen helper.

All items were purchased from the same companies that Montessori preschools get their materials, we've just purchased in bulk and split them up so families have access to the same quality materials. 


  • Toddler Apron
    • Perfect to protect clothes 
    • Simple velcro attachment makes it easy for toddlers to put on and remove themselves  
  • Rolling Pin
    • Perfect for small hands  
  • Glass pitcher
    • Extra thick glass to prevent breaking

    • 150ml  

  • Natural Dish Brush
    • Small wood and cotton brush, often used in a Pre-Casa classroom  
  • Small cutting Board
    • Measure 18cm x 10cm x 1cm  
  • Mortar and Pestle
    • Real Porcelain 
    • Used in Montessori food preparation activities such as grinding eggshells, spices and herbs.   

  • Small metal tongs
    • The perfect tongs for little hands
    • Made of stainless steel  
  • Small Nylon Knife
    • Children can slice bread, cheese, vegetables, fruit, and other foods without worry.

    • This knife has been safety-tested for children and features a serrated cutting edge, blunt tip, and non-slip grip  

  • Handmitt
    • Perfectly sized for little hands to clean and wipe up spills