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GAM - Rings on a Horizontal Dowel

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A Montessori Toddler Material recommended for children 12-14 months+

The purpose of this material is to develop hand-eye coordination and strengthen the wrist.  It also invites the child to cross the midline, an essential skill that requires both sides of the brain to communicate and is needed for tasks like getting dressed, eating, writing, cutting, etc. 

Includes 1 base with a horizontal dowel and 3 rings.

Made by GAM (Gonzagarredi Montessori) and certified AMI-approved.

These materials are classroom quality and designed to withstand regular use over extended periods in home-learning and school environments.

Recommended for ages 12 months +

Measurements:  4.92" x 4.45" x 4.53"

SKU: 1MM285

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