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GAM - Montessori Cylinder Block (No. 2)

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Cylinder Blocks are a Montessori Sensorial material used to develop visual discrimination of size.  This block is the second in the series.

The ten cylinders progress in diameter from thin to thick.

  • Educates the eye to perceive differences in dimension.
  • Promotes small muscle control and hand-eye coordination.
  • Indirectly prepares the child for writing since the fingers and thumb for holding a pencil are used to hold the knobs.

Made of solid beechwood with a satin smooth lacquer finish. Each cylinder is individually sanded and lacquered.

This is an educational material and it is recommended that it only to be used under the supervision of an adult familiar with the Montessori method of teaching and learning.

Made by GAM (Gonzagarredi Montessori) and certified AMI-approved.

These materials are classroom quality and designed to withstand regular use over extended periods in home-learning and school environments.

Developmentally appropriate for ages 3 years +

Safety rated for ages 3 years +

Measurements of block:  18.11" x 3.54" x 3.03"

SKU: 1MM0202

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