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Cube Chair Table or Toddler Bench

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The cube bench works wonderfully in the front door area, allowing children a space to sit and take off or put on their shoes. 

It also works well as a table and pairs perfectly with our cube chairs (sold separately). You can tuck the chairs right underneath for a compact work space for your toddler. 

The table and chair together work well as a weaning table for children under 3 years old. 

The seat height (when used as a bench) is off centre. It can be set up on lower height for young children or flipped to the higher seat for older children.

Made in Canada from baltic birch plywood.

Dimensions: 28″L x 14″W x 14″D

Please note that these are handmade and as such will have variations in colour, size, wood grain, and finish. This uniqueness is the wonderful part about these items. 

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