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JackInTheBox Craft Kit - All Things Space

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The JackInTheBox Craft Kit is a 6-in-1 DIY box that includes space-themed activities and games. Includes instruction cards for each activity.

Inside the box, you'll find: 

1. Rocket Science Experiment:What does it feel like to be a space scientist? Make your own rocket, fuel it, and watch it take off!
  • Items Included: Paper cutouts, Rocket canister.
2. Solar System Wind Chime:Make a colourful wind chime for your room while you learn about the planets in our solar system!
  • Items Included: Planets features, wind chime disc, Planet printout with clues, Strings, Bells.
3. Starry Kaleidoscope:Ever wondered what a clear starry night looks like? Make your own Kaleidoscope and see for yourself
  • Items Included: Plastic sheet, Tracing Paper, Acrylic mirror sheet, Tape, Tiny shiny stars.
4. Space Expedition Board Game: Invite your friends to an adventurous and thrilling journey through the Milky Way!
  • Items Included: Game Board, Pawns and Dice.
5. Lace the Constellations: Pull along your string to join the dots and make a constellation streamer for your window!
  • Items Included: Constellation cards, Ribbon, Strings.
6. Phases of the Moon:Use Oreo cookies to lick off the cream and understand the different phases that the moon goes through during the month (Only recipe included)


Recommended for Ages 5 - 9 years

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