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A Kids Book About Being Inclusive [Hardcover]

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A clear explanation of what inclusivity is, and what it means to be inclusive.

This is a kids book about being inclusive. Being inclusive is a choice we can make every day!

What does it mean to be inclusive? It means reaching out to and welcoming all people and everything that makes them who they are. This book is an introduction to inclusivity, and helps to start discussions about the topic with kids aged 5-9. When we learn to see the beauty in our differences, we can embrace the rich, diverse, and amazing world we live in together!

A Kids Book About Inclusivity features: 

  • A large and bold, yet minimalist font design that allows kids freedom to imagine themselves in the words on the pages.
  • A friendly, approachable, yet empowering, kid-appropriate tone throughout.
  • An incredible and diverse group of authors in the series who are experts or have first-hand experience of the topic.

Tackling important discourse together! 

The A Kids Book About series are best used when read together. Helping to kickstart challenging, empowering, and important conversations for kids and their grownups through beautiful and thought-provoking pages. The series supports an incredible and diverse group of authors, who are either experts in their field, or have first-hand experience on the topic. 

Written by Ashton Mota & Rebekah Bruesehoff

64 pages

Recommended for ages 5 - 9 years

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