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With winter approaching, it’s a great season to encourage any self-dressing your child is ready for. 

It makes getting all those extra layers on that much easier if your child can assist in the process.  

The Montessori jacket flip is a great little trick to teach your toddler to put on their own coat. 

Here’s how to do it in 4 steps:

Montessori jacket flip, coat flip
  1. Have your child find the tag on their jacket. 
  2. Place the coat on the ground or low surface like a couch with the tag and armholes closest to them, facing to the ceiling. The bottom of the jacket should be furthest away from them. If you’re putting the jacket on a couch, you can have the hood hanging over the edge (like this photo). 
  3. Have the child face the jacket and put their arms in the holes
  4. Flip the jacket over the head. 

You can go here to watch a quick video of the jacket flip in action >>> https://vimeo.com/641364988

Once your child has mastered the jacket flip, you can work on the zipper!