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One of my favourite aspects of Montessori is how it's improved my communication with my son.

The Montessori approach helped me to recognize how these small humans have such a HUGE capacity to understand the world around them, often more than we give them credit for.

It often just takes a little patience and creativity to find the right words but taking the time talk through things can do wonders for our children's:
  • Moods
  • Stress-level
  • Confidence

How To Prepare Your Child for Big Changes

The world can be a scary place for small children. They rarely have control over what's going on and many things are still so new. That's why a simple trip to the dentist can result in a huge meltdown, taking much longer than it should or, in the worst case, re-booking the visit.

So is there anything you can do in these situations or is this just life with a toddler?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, there will always be meltdowns. There will always be days when they haven't slept well or they're hungry, thirsty, etc.

Just like adults, there will be cranky days. But there are ways to minimize stress around changes or new experiences:

  1. Talk about it in the days or weeks leading up to the event or change. The length of time will depend on what the actual change is. A new baby, school, or home, will likely require a bit more time compared to a trip to the doctor. Use simple language and pay close attention to how your child reacts. You can usually tell if you've lost them on an idea so step back and re-think about the language you're using. Is there a simpler way to explain it?

  2. Find some great books on the topic, either at the library or your local bookstore. There's some wonderful toddler books on all sorts of issues - loss of a loved one, moving to a new place, getting a shot at the doctors, etc. Email me if you need specific recommendations!

  3. TV can help too! I know some families don't do screen time, which is perfectly ok, but if you do, Daniel Tiger has a great library of episodes addressing difficult issues for children.

This approach has helped our family to create more calm and predictable visits to dentist, doctor, start new schools, say goodbye to a pet, and even just take a trip to a new place.

It's the reason I scoured the internet to find this puzzle and add it to our site: https://www.themontessoriroom.com/product-page/beleduc-mother-layer-puzzle

With a new baby on the way, I wanted to do everything I could to prepare my son for the change.

We've been talking about the changes to our family, reading books about new siblings and I've added in this puzzle to our shelf so that he can better understand the process and why it's taking so long :)

I hope these suggestions help and let me know if you need any resources for specific situations - laura@themontessoriroom.com