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There are tons of studies showing the benefits of music for young children.A quick Google Scholar search pulls up thousands of journal articles showing links to improved:
  • literacy
  • creativity
  • social development
  • language skills

And not only is listening to and learning music beneficial for children, there's also the wonderful gross motor benefits of dancing.You can even use music to reset the mood at home, something I talked about a couple months ago here.

The only funny thing about listening to music with children is their enjoyment of repetition. If your child is like most, they'll happily listen to the same song 8-800X in a row.But it's this repetition that helps build a child's confidence. The predictability appeals to their sense of order and helps them feel more secure, knowing what will happen next.Knowing that, we've put together our current favourite kids music that's more enjoyable for adults...... So you'll mind a little less when you've heard the same song for the 14th time in a row.

And if you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them! I'll add them to the post when we put this email up on the website.

🎵 What We're Listening To 🎵

Pete Moss - really fun folk-pop music about birds and plants
Casper Babypants - indie pop singalong songs for kidsCheck out:
Ziggy Marley - Bob Marley's son has a family album and it's got some really catchy songsCheck out: Kiboomers - great for dance parties, plus they do a couple versions of freeze dance songs that are great for developing impulse control (and they're fun!)Check out: Laurier Berkner - upbeat kids music that encourages movement through actions in the songsCheck out:

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