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One of the best activities you can do with your child this summer is a child-led walk.

This is simply a walk with no agenda or pressing time limit. Let your child be the guide. Just set aside a block of time on a beautiful day, pack some snacks & water, and see what happens.

A child-led walk could take 2 hours hours and you might not even make it a kilometre from home.

“We must let the child walk and notice how he walks. His legs are short in comparison to ours and therefore he walks more slowly. Not only this, but the child explores the environment.”
- Dr. Montessori

Not only does this give the child time to examine all the tiny details, pick up all the rocks, and smell all the flowers, but it gives them a sense of autonomy and control.

Autonomy feels good at any age but it's especially important for this age group. So much of a young child's life is out of their control. It's important to give them opportunities for independence and freedom.

This is what helps build confidence and self-esteem.

The Other HUGE Benefit Of Child-Led Walks

Children NEED to move. It's essential to their development.

And not only their physical development but every aspect of development (including academic) is built on the foundation of proper gross motor and sensory development.

This happens when they're allowed to move freely - jumping, rolling, crawling, spinning, etc.

I just interviewed an occupational therapist who works with young children and I have a lot more to share about this topic. More on this to come in a post in the next two weeks.

If you're interested in learning more about this, check out the book Balanced and Barefoot, written by OT, Angela Hanscom.

...OR just wait for my interview post coming very soon :)

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