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"What the hand does, the mind remembers" - Dr. Montessori

Montessori doesn't use worksheets. The classroom prioritizes the use of materials that children can touch, manipulate, and work with to learn.While we share a lot of printables on our site, they're designed to be used with the physical objects.These aren't worksheets that your child is meant to sit at the table and quietly complete. While you can use them solo, the goal is to connect them with an experience when your child has seen or touched the object.Here's 3 new amazing summer printables and ways you can connect them with real life:

Matching The Inside of Fruit With The Outside (3 pages, 12 fruits)

Use these cards to explore and eat the different fruits on the cards. You can bring them to the grocery store and use them as an opportunity to try new fruits on the cards.They're also perfect for language development. You can talk about seeds, flesh, pits, peels, sour, sweet, etcLastly, many of these fruits are soft enough that a child can practice cutting them. Some might need to have the peel removed first but they can be chopped into bite-sized pieces by your child.

Counting Cards - Nature

This activity is similar to a scavenger hunt but it introduces quantities.If your child is counting out loud, this is the next step in numeracy - connecting the number symbols with quantities.Bring just 2-3 cards at a time out on a walk and try to find the matching quantities of each object.Your child can collect the objects and bring them home or just find them on the walk and check them off your list.

Beach Nomenclature Cards

Nomenclature cards are great for vocabulary but should only be used AFTER the child has seen the items in real life previously, especially in context. In this case, at the beach.When presenting the beach cards, you can talk to your child about when they saw these items on the beach or when they packed them to go to the beach or when they read about them in a book about the beach.The cards are meant to be connected with a concrete object that your child is already familiar with, rather than as an abstract idea.

Even More Montessori PrintablesNow that you're familiar with how to use printables in a Montessori context, you can check out all the ones we've made on our site here:

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