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With colder weather on the way, we've got some great, new indoor activities that we'll be sharing over the next few months.Both my children (ages 2 and 5) have been enjoying the ones I'm sharing today. 

Activity #1 - Match The Animals to Their Tracks

For this activity, begin by printing all 3 pages at this document: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0536/5530/6394/files/Animal_Tracks_Matching.pdf?v=1704329295
Cut out all 8 cards on pages 1 and 2.Initially provide your child with 2-3 distinctly different tracks, as well as the reference sheet (page 3). For example, I'd recommend starting with the raccoon, deer, and turkey.The reference sheet will allow your child to make the matches independently and self-correct their work, boosting their confidence and overall enjoyment.

 Activity #2 - Learn the Names of North American Wildlife

For children unfamiliar with these animals, it can be helpful to start by just learning the names of each of these animals before introducing the tracks.

You can do that using the Montessori Three-Period Lesson.

You can also print two copies of the animal pictures and play a matching game.

Activity #3 -  Winter Shadow Matching Cards

For children that are too young for this activity or simply uninterested, they might enjoy these Winter Shadow Matching Cards instead.You can open the link above for complete instructions on introducing shadow puzzles.

Too Hard? Too Easy?

If your child is losing interest quickly, the activity may be too hard or too easy.If it's too hard, offer fewer cards. If it's too easy, offer all the cards and remove the reference sheet.

Want More Activities Like This?

If you're looking for more activities, we send them out weekly in our at-home program or you can find lots of free options in the Montessori Tips and Activities section of the website.

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