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Even if you don't celebrate Easter, those plastic, colourful Easter eggs are great for so many activities and you don't have to put them away next week.

We usually keep plastic eggs out all year round because of all the uses.

Something as simple as working to open an egg (between 1-2 years old) and close them (between 3-4) is a fun challenge to develop hand strength and concentration.

Here's 12 more activities you can do with them, 4 for under 1 years old, and 8 for toddlers and young children.

Bonus - they all require little to no setup.

4 Simple Easter Egg Activities For Babies

1. Make shakers (glue or tape them shut to avoid a potential mess and choking), make a variety of shakers with different loose parts and explore auditory sense, i.e. dry legumes, rice, bells, rocks, anything that will make a sound.


2. Make an exploration basket by putting an egg or a few eggs in a basket for baby to explore with their senses.

3. Roll eggs on floor and crawl after them.

4. Hang an egg(s) from a string and make a mobile for baby to explore while lying down. Depending on the age of your child, they could just be for looking at, or you could hang lower for interaction, like kicking or grasping. Just note that if you're allowing your child to interact with the eggs, ensure the string/ribbon is strong enough to withstand exploration.

8 Simple Easter Egg Activities For Toddlers:

1. Add eggs to a sensory bin so your child can explore opening and closing the eggs, filling them up, and hiding them. You can also add any other Easter or spring loose parts that you think they’ll enjoy.

Click here to check out our guide to sensory bins for ideas on creating themed sensory bins and a recipe to dye rice. You can see the rainbow rice I used for the bin below.


2. Use the eggs with playdough, i.e. opening and closing, rolling into balls and hiding playdough in eggs, or using half an egg as a circle cookie cutter.

3. Bring them into the bath for some fun and they float!

4. Hide objects inside. Opening and closing them in great for developing hand strength. You can keep an old egg carton to store them in.

5. You can use the eggs for a variety of gross motor activities, like throwing them into basket or balancing an egg on a spoon and walking or running.

6. Make snack time more fun by putting snacks inside eggs for child to open and enjoy! My oldest loves when I randomly put a plastic egg in his lunch with a few treats inside.

7. Have egg hunts all year long. Hide them outside on a sunny day. This never seems to get old.

8. You can use the eggs to help learn colours. Put them in a basket or hide them around the room and ask for each colour, one at a time - “Look for a blue egg and bring it over here!”. For older children, you can also use them to learn numbers, “Look for 2 blue eggs!