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Fine Motor Essential Set

The Fine-Motor Essential Set includes: 

  • A Ball and Bowl
  • An Egg and Cup
  • Peg and Pot

The classic Montessori ball and bowl can be introduced as early as 6 months of age. This activity promotes hand-eye coordination, grasping skills, and concentration as an infant places the ball in the bowl. The infant also practices movement, chasing after the ball as it rolls away. 

The egg and cup promotes fine motor skill development and use of two hands, a skill important in dressing, writing, and many other activities young children will learn in the coming years. 

The peg and pot are great for developing the pincer grasp and focus, as the hole in the pot is the smallest of the three, requiring more stability to insert the peg person. 

All materials are handmade in Canada.

Each piece is unique and will slightly differ in wood grain and tone.
Each item is sealed with non-toxic bees wax.

peg/cup: 4" height, egg/cup: 3.75" height, ball/cup: 3" height

Please note that these are handmade and as such will have variations in colour, size, wood grain, and finish. This uniqueness is the wonderful part about these items. 

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