Shape Sorter with Key I The Montessori Room

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Shape Sorter with Key

This early-development toy is ideal for learning about shapes and colours, and also allows baby to develop their sense of logic.

Children aged 18 months and up will enjoy inserting the different shapes in the right slots, and then choosing the right key to open the lock and collect those shapes.

This easy-to-handle key box contains 6 blocks (1 yellow triangle, 2 blue circles and 3 red squares), and 3 plastic keys that can be attached to the box as a bunch to ensure they never get lost!

Well designed: one side of the box is transparent so that baby can see the pieces falling through. This side also indicates the type and number of shapes to be placed in each compartment.

This brightly-coloured wooden early-learning toy is water-painted and made from plywood, cherry wood and plastic.

Age recommendation: 18 months +

Dimensions: 10.2 x 3.5 x 5"

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