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Natural Rubber Teether

100% pure natural rubber and certified non-toxic (BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Nitrosamine, colours free)

This teether supports all staging of teething, for those first front teeth to the back molars, with two different textures to massage baby’s sore gums and provide tactile exploration.

The hygienic one-piece construction prevents the accumulation of bacteria and dirt and it's lightweight, sized perfectly for baby’s hands, easy to grasp and hold.

Produced sustainably in Malaysia and biodegradable.

To view our Caaocho Natural Rubber Sensory Ball, please click here!

Caaocho® natural rubber all-stage teether is 100% natural, just as baby's teething. The teether starts as pure natural tree sap from the rubber tree Hevea that is minimally processed into durable 100% pure natural rubber. Certified BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Nitrosamine and colour free, the teether is completely non-toxic. Our natural teether is earth friendly, it is produced sustainably and is entirely biodegradable.