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Box with Knitted Ball

The Box with Knitted Ball invites the child to use their fingers to push the knitted ball through the hole while strengthening their fine motor skills, developing hand-eye coordination and exploring cause and effect.  Learning to open and close the drawer is a practical skill that they will use throughout their lifetime and develops independence.    

This material also develops a child’s understanding of object permanence - knowing that just because they can no longer see something, does not mean that it has disappeared. Rather, they will know to open drawer to find the ball hiding inside.

This allows them to gain a better understanding of how things may disappear and reappear throughout their daily lives.


  • 1 box with drawer
  • 1 crochet ball.

The box is made from beech and walnut wood.

Ball: 5.5cm in diameter
Box: 12cm x 12cm x 8.5cm

Recommended age: start using it from around 10 months.

Requires constant adult supervision.

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The Box with Knitted Ball is one of nine materials included in our Infant Montessori Box (6 - 12 Months).  Click here for more information.