Toddler Gardening Set I The Montessori Room Toronto

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Toddler Gardening Set

Teaching a child how to grow their own food is an amazing and practical way to teach responsibility, a connection to where food comes from, and provides so much satisfaction to a child, when they can harvest and eat the fruits of their labour.

Our gardening set is designed perfectly for small hands, making them comfortable and easy to use for toddlers. 

The metal tool set includes 3 pieces that are just like good quality adult-versions and work well in soil. 

The watering can is just the right size, even when full, especially because toddlers love testing the limits of their strength and exerting maximum effort.


  • 3-Piece Metal Garden Tool Set - features a Hand Rake, Shovel and Trowel
  • 6-Piece Garden Marker Set
  • Toddler-sized outdoor watering can


Watering can - 6.3” x 12.5” x 9.8”
Garden markers - Height: 9.45”
Metal tool set - 12” x 7.5” 1.3”

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