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Feelings Peg Doll Set (Spanish/English)

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Does your child have strong emotions?! Most do, yet find it difficult to communicate how they or others are feeling. 

This set of 6 colourful, hand painted wooden peg dolls will help to develop your child's social emotional skills. The dolls facial expression, combined with wooden discs that have feelings words etched into them in both Spanish and English, will give your child the language they need to express emotions in their play and in real life.

Feelings include:

  • Happy - Feliz
  • Sad  - Triste
  • Love  - Amor
  • Tired - Cansado
  • Surprised - Sorprendido
  • Angry - Enojado


Each peg doll is made from pinewood and painted with non-toxic water lacquer.

Age recommendation: 3 years +

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