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Creativity Playmats™ Set

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Take creativity to the next level with these Creativity Mats™ by Dough Parlour!

Includes 4 laminated mats with a total of 8 different creative scenes: an Ice Cream cart, a Gumball Machine, a Rainbow, a Tree with Flowers, a Dinner Plate, a Fruit/Dessert Platter, and a Body and Face.

These mats allow children to use their imagination to build their own dough creations, like fruit, desserts, clothing or whatever they can imagine!

Comes fully laminated, wipeable and can be re-used over and over again for hours of imaginative play! They can even be used in the kitchen as a placemat for eating!

Dimensions: Each mat is 11" x 17" 

Recommended Age: 3 years +

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