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Construction Site Play Dough Kit

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Includes everything you need to create and recreate construction sites!

  • Brown, lavender scented natural play dough
  • 3 assorted construction vehicles (vehicles may differ from photo)
  • 10 green gems
  • 10 logs
  • 6 wooden cubes
  • 4 road signs
  • 15 rocks
  • 1 wooden stick
  • 1 mini wooden knife 

This kit is created by a Montessori certified teacher and is designed to:

⋒ Improve fine motor skills, which enhances writing skills

⋒ Provide a calming, relaxing, and therapeutic experience

⋒ Improve concentration

⋒ Enhance language, math, and science skills

⋒ Develop hand-eye coordination

⋒ Increase curiosity and knowledge


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