Chroma Blends Heavy Weight Watercolour Paper Pad I The Montessori Room

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Chroma Blends Heavy Weight Watercolour Paper Pad

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Watercolour paint belongs on high-quality watercolour paper.

This watercolour paper pad is perfect for any water soluble art media (e.g. watercolour paint or acrylic paint). It has 15 sheets of paper that are heavy in weight (160 pounds, 350 grams) and acid free.

The pad is 8x10 inches, which is the perfect size to bring with you anywhere. It fits easily in a backpack or bag.

Since 2005, women-owned Ooly has worked to create all kinds of colourful, fresh and inspiring art products to spark creativity and artistic expression in young and old! They take safety very seriously and develop each product with high quality materials that are tested thoroughly to ensure customers receive the most enjoyable, functional and safest products.