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Wooden Acorn Puzzle

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This brightly coloured acorn puzzle is a great tool for teaching young children about counting and number symbols. 

It helps children make the connection between quantity and number symbols by allowing children to count dots and place the matching number symbol on top of the correct quantity. 

Each quantity is placed randomly around the board, which makes for an added challenge.

Young children are more likely to understand quantity before they understand the number symbol associated with the quantity. For example, a child is likely to differentiate between a quantity of 1 versus 3. It takes longer for young children to understand that the number "2" is the written symbol associated with a quantity of two objects. 

To teach young children how to count, the first step is to introduce the concept one-to-one correspondence. One-to-one correspondence is the ability to count by pointing to one object at a time, without losing track of what is being counted. 

This skill is much easier using concrete objects than abstract pictures.

Our Wooden Spindle Counting Toy is a great precursor to the Acorn Puzzle as it teaches one-to-one correspondence by allowing children to physically manipulate the spindles as they count out the correct number into the corresponding number symbol hole. The numbers are all presented in a straight line from 0-9.

Once this skill is mastered, children can work to match the number symbol to a quantity of objects on the Acorn Puzzle.

The Acorn Puzzle includes 10 coloured wooden acorns, each revealing the corresponding number of dots underneath.

Age range: 18 months
Product size: 20.80 x 25.00 x 1.80 cm
Weight: 0.34 kg

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