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Waldorf Balance Board

Waldorf Wooden Rocker Boards are one of THE BEST gross motor and open-ended toys for young children.


They help to develop:

  • coordination
  • concentration
  • proprioception (awareness of one's physical body and its parts)
  • balance

They're also great for imaginative play, allowing children to turn them into:

  • See-Saw
  • Bridge/ramp for cars
  • Slide from the couch
  • Rocking Cradle

And anything else they can imagine.

Fun to use indoors or outside, rocker boards will be enjoyed by all ages – from toddlers and preschoolers to grade schoolers, even teens and adults!

Each beautifully hand-finished board is constructed from nine layers of furniture-grade birch plywood, and crafted to a precise curve, before being sanded smooth, and finished with a child-safe, water-based varnish.

Dimension: 14" x 35" x 7"

The weight limit is 200lbs.