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This balanced board is in fact a MAGIC CARPET! One of the best toys, I have come across for kids to play with – LIKE EVER! My daughters and I had countless hours of fun with this balance board!

At first sight it is a curved piece of wood, you’d say a rocker curvy board.

The truth is it is an incredible open-ended toy. My daughters amazed me transforming it into a see-saw or a teeter-totter, a balance beam, a bridge, a tunnel, a slide, a rocking cradle, a puppet stage, a boat, a seat, a step stool, a catapult, a magic carpet.... I can’t even remember them all!

The concept was developed in the Waldorf classroom to stimulate balance and strength. The Waldorf balance board helps stimulate the vestibular system and proprioception (awareness of one's physical body and its parts). Most importantly, it highly stimulates imagination and creativity. It responds to the Montessori’s approach of freedom and hands-on learning.

And it can be used both inside and outside. Isn’t it great to have a physical outlet to use indoors during our Canadian winter?

You’ll see that this board will be enjoyed by all ages – from toddlers and preschoolers to grade schoolers, even teens and adults, with endless FUN possibilities. I’ll soon write an article about how I use it ;)

And the cherry on the cake? It is handmade here in Canada!


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